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ATT And Romney
by Libertarian Green
Monday Jul 16th, 2012 10:55 AM
AT&T... is it helping the Romney campaign hack and obstruct opponents?
ATT, an illegal monopoly has twice been dismantled by the US Government. After the last time, through SBC, Southwestern Bell, it gobbled up Bell companies in many states and then switched Bell to AT&T. Hence another outlaw corporation.

Now having given at least a million dollars to Republican candidates, is AT&T the reason that nonRepublican callers to national talk shows like C Span find their calls are cut off after 6 rings, making connection impossible, while their residential call rings can go on for a long time?

Are AT&T and its full of holes McAfee 'antihacking' software the reason that volunteers for campaigns other than Romney's are finding their computers hacked?

AT&T has a history of spying on its own employees as well as all its customers.