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U.S. | Animal Liberation

NPR and Affiliate Promote Brutal Rodeo and The Electroshocking Of Bats
by ARC
Monday Jul 16th, 2012 10:14 AM
NPR continues its almost daily promotion of animal suffering.
NPR's Morning Edition promoted rodeo for several minutes, perhaps to attempt to defuse animal rights outrage at Romney's decision to keep rodeo in the Salt Lake City Olympics. Rodeo breaks the necks, spines, and legs of bulls, calves, horses and cowboys.

WKSU, 'public' radio of Kent State University continued its animal abuse today, promoting the electroshocking of bats being done at by Dr. Jeff Wenstrup and others at the Northeast Ohio Medical University.Jeff St Clair of WKSU’s Exploradio shilled for the torture. The bat shrieked during the interview. WKSU has also been promoting fish suffocation in the news and the show Quick Bites.

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