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Corporations Gratuitously Polluting Beans With Pig Flesh
by Pure Food
Sunday Jul 15th, 2012 10:17 AM
Entrenched corporations with slaughterhouse suppliers are less slow to change than the public.
ConAgra's Gratuitous Animal Cruelty

ConAgra pollutes VanCamp baked beans with gratuitous pork flesh,
as the corporation shows little concern for vegans, vegetarians, Muslims, Jews,
Rastafarians, Hindus, Buddhists, Adventists, some Franciscans, some followers of Methodist John Wesley, some followers of General Booth of the Salvation Army and many
others who avoid the flesh of pigs.

ConAgra also owns and pushes Slim Jim beef jerky in many convenience stores, and
in untold thousands of stores it peddles animal flesh products such as
Wolf Brand Chili, Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Manwich, etc.

ConAgra sells many cheese products as well.

Please ask them to get out of blood foods.

Others who market heavily beans with bacon include Heinz, Campbell, Bush, El Paso and
many other companies.

http://stopmowing.blogspot.com save animal habitat