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UFCW Petition/Pledge:Please Sign
by IL
Monday Jun 25th, 2012 7:08 AM
A decade of UFCW Concessionary Bargaining has seen Member Wages, Benefits, Contract Language and Job Security in a continuous decline.
UFCW Active Members and Retirees, throughout the United States and Canada, can no longer sustain the financial hardship on ourselves and our families resulting from concessionary contracts negotiated by our UFCW Leadership.

As our living standard continues to back slide, our union dues continue to skyrocket and the UFCW (Local and International) Leadership continue to take more for themselves to maintain their lifestyle of the rich and famous.

It’s just immoral, greedy and wrong to take more from UFCW members to preserve a lavish style for a few while so many fronting the bill for the rich & famous are barely making ends meet.

Employers are already pulverizing workers in the grocery industry!

It’s just inconceivable why the very people being paid to represent us workers would want to add any more monetary pain than our employers already have.

That’s why we are asking all UFCW members & retirees in Canada and the U.S. and their family members, friends and any other supporters to please sign our petition and send a loud and strong message to our UFCW leaders that enough is enough-and if they are going to negotiate concessionary collective bargaining agreements for us members then they must be prepared to share in our pain by taking concessions too!


Unfortunately, our UFCW Local & International Union Leadership have "failed miserably " at "policing themselves" over the past decade. That is the reason WE had no other option other than taking this extreme measure to solicit everyone's help.

With your HELP, WE believe that our Union Leadership will be FORCED to do THE RIGHT & FAIR ACTION by taking the immediate steps to alleviate our financial burden resulting from these "CONCESSIONARY CONTRACTS" !

We also believe that this issue will RESONATE with everyone, no matter "if" you are a UNION or NON-UNION worker!

We all THANK YOU ahead of time for your solidarity and support.