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Otessa Crandell co-operated with grand jury
by Resist together
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2012 3:04 PM
At least four people have received subpoenas, with at least one co-operator
Otessa Crandell has cooperated with the recent grand jury, ostensibly investigating an arson never even claimed by animal liberationists, but in reality harrassing local vegans who have little to relationship with activism.

She doesn't deny this. She claims that she gave them nothing of substance. She confirms that she answered questions about her cell-phone call log. But who knows how the FBI and federal prosecutors will use this information? Cooperating with the FBI, in their guilt by association witch-hunts, is unacceptable.

We need to support grand jury resistors, unify them, and help them resist together. Let's organize events that de-mystify the grand jury process.
by Never cooperate.
Tuesday Jun 5th, 2012 3:06 PM
This is important local information. This should be moved to the top of the page.