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A Day Without the 99%- Occupy Santa Rosa organizes for May 1st
by Occupy Santa Rosa
Wednesday Apr 18th, 2012 1:25 PM
Occupy Santa Rosa is organizing for a "Day Without the 99%" in solidarity with the call for a Global General Strike on May 1st. A day of direct action, mass rallies and marches, and outreach to working people, May 1st is a historic coming together for the local Occupy Movement and immigrants' rights organizations.

May 1st is International Worker's Day. This year, the Occupy Movement, Labor, and immigrants' rights organizations, from LA to Wall St., has put the call out for a "Global General Strike." No Work. No School. No Shopping.

Occupy Santa Rosa is supporting this call and organizing for a day of nonviolent direct action to show the 1% that we mean business. We are also working in the May 1st Coalition, which includes labor, immigrants rights and faith-organizations, to organize a massive rally and march in the afternoon.

"The wealth produced by working people is concentrated in the hands of the 1%. The rich get richer while the rest of struggle just to survive. On May 1st, we rise up together to take back our wealth, demand justice for everyone and reclaim our power. Together we are strong! Together we can win!"

Here is our current schedule for the day. All Occupy demonstrations will begin at Courthouse Square. The May 1st Coalition march begins from Sebastopol Rd.

5am: Rush-hour messaging: banner-drops, mini-protests.
9am: Breakfast and Morning activities
Noon: Lunch and Direct Actions
3pm: Converge to march to the May 1st Coalition Rally in Roseland, which will begin at 3:30pm from the Old Alberston's Parking lot, 665 Sebastopol Rd.

Meetings to help plan May 1st:
*May 1st Coalition meets Wednesday nights at 6pm at the Glaser Center, 546 Mendocino Ave.
*The Occupy Action Working Group meets Tuesdays at 5pm at the Peace and Justice Center, 467 Sebastopol Ave.

On May 2nd, Occupy Santa Rosa will re-establish a consistent presence in Courthouse Square, so that the 99% will have a central location where they can plug in to the struggle and help us build out into other communities.

Go to http://www.occupysantarosa.org for more info and updates.

El Primero de Mayo es el Dia Internacional del Trabajador. En 2012, el Movimiento Occupy ha llamado por una "Huelga General y Global." No Trabajo. Ni Escuela. Ni Compras.

Occupy Santa Rosa esta apoyando esta llamada y organizando por un dia de acciónes pacificas y directas para demostrar a los mas ricos que estamos comprometidos a la lucha. También estamos trabajando con la Coalicion de Primero de Mayo, que incluye sindicatos, trabajadores inmigrantes, y grupos religiosos, para organizar una manifestación y mega-marcha en la tarde.

"La riqueza producido por la gente obrera se domina en las manos del 1%. La gente mas rica se enriquecen aun mas mientras nosotros tenemos que sufrir solo para sobrevivir. Este Primero de Mayo, alzaremos para retomar la riqueza, exigir la justicia para todos, y reclamar nuestro poder. Unidos, somos fuertes! Unidos, podemos ganar!"

Aqui esta nuestro horario por el día. Todas nuestras demostraciones empezara en Courthouse Square (el "Zocalo" en el centro de la ciudad).

5am- Mensajes para la manana: pencartas y protestas pequeñas.
9am- Desayuno y actividades.
Mediadia: Lonche y acciones directas
3pm- Convergencia para marchar a la manifestacion de la Coalicion Primero de Mayo, que empieza en 665 Sebastopol Rd.

Juntas para planear el Primero de Mayo:
*La Coalicion reúne los Miercoles a las 6pm en el Glaser Center, 546 Mendocino Ave.
*El grupo de Accion para Occupy reúne los Martes a las 5pm en el Centro de Paz y Justicia, 467 Sebastopol Ave.

El segundo de Mayo, Occupy Santa Rosa va a re-establecer una presencia diaria en Courthouse Square, para que el 99% tenga un lugar central donde puedan involucrarse en la lucha y ayudarnos crecer el movimiento.

http://www.OccupySantaRosa.org para mas informacion