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Hackmeet 2011 - Occupy San Francisco and Oakland
by Rubble
Sunday Oct 16th, 2011 9:42 AM
Hackmeet 2011, a West Coast hackmeeting for activists, hackers, artists, and community members, is taking place on October 15-16 at Noisebridge in San Francisco. Hear report backs from tech activists from Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Francisco, speaking on the logistical and technical issues unique to the occupations. (17 minutes)
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Occupy Oakland has been cooperative and without incident from City officials, according to this report, with relatively large numbers occupying and attending General Assemblies and evening cultural events. A march and rally form jobs and justice was happening in Oakland at this time.

San Franciscans were ready to take to the streets again in a march and rally, and then to move their sleeping camp at the time of the report. In both camps, bike-powered generators are used to provide necessary energy for the live streams and other energy needs.