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Drug War

US Prosecutors Confirm Classified Information Colors Zambada Niebla’s Case
by Bill Conroy
Tuesday Oct 4th, 2011 5:17 AM
Government’s Pleadings Also Contend U.S. Intelligence Agencies Lack Authority to Grant Accused Narco-Trafficker Immunity
Prosecutors in the Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla case late on Monday, Oct. 3, filed a motion in federal court in Chicago rebutting the accused Mexican narco-trafficker’s argument that he has been denied access to critical evidence in preparing his defense due to a tardy call by the prosecution for national-security procedures to be invoked in his case.

However, the government’s motion does confirm that “classified materials” related to the case do exist, but also insists those classified materials do not support Zambada Niebla’s claim that he and the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel had been granted immunity for their crimes in exchange for cooperating with the US government, which included providing information on rival cartels.

“... Even if an intelligence official had done so [offered Zambada Niebla and the Sinaloa Cartel leadership immunity],’[o]fficials of the C.I.A. or any other intelligence agency of the United States do not have the authority to authorize conduct which would violate the constitution or statutes of the United States, including federal narcotics laws,’" the US government asserts in its pleadings.

“... Because all U.S. intelligence agencies lacked the authority to grant defendant immunity or public authority to traffic enormous volumes of cocaine and heroin into the United States, defendant cannot support his allegations [of being granted immunity] with discovery [evidence] from such agencies.”

Read the entire story, which has been ignored by the mainstream media, at Narco News.