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Anonymous' #opBART: Black Faxes and Email Bombs
by anon
Sunday Aug 14th, 2011 11:51 AM
Just out from YourAnonNews website:
This is a Black fax and E-Mail Bomb action, the goal being to explode their inboxes.


Here’s the Op BART Press Release here it can give you good ideas as to what to write -


Also attach an image, something Anonymous like to the messages to eat up bandwidth. For Black fax use any dark colored Anon image just google you’ll get thousands to chose from. Below is the E-Mail addresses and Fax numbers of every BART employee from the janitor to the board of directors. Have fun !

support [at] govdelivery.com

officeofcivilrights [at] bart.gov

epamd [at] bart.gov

jordway [at] bart.gov

bpegues [at] bart.gov

ymccoy [at] bart.gov

jrennel [at] bart.gov

pvoix [at] bart.gov

innaji [at] bart.gov

lmartin [at] bart.gov

Heather.McGuire [at] titanoutdoor.com

employment [at] bart.gov

BoardofDirectors [at] bart.gov

boardofdirectors [at] bart.gov

gabdull [at] bart.gov

salva [at] bart.gov

amaynar [at] bart.gov

rcoffey [at] bart.gov

llawhor [at] bart.gov

sberold [at] bart.gov

ezrider [at] bart.gov

casbury [at] bart.gov

gary.leong [at] bart.gov

amayna [at] bart.gov

igray [at] bart.gov

apegram [at] bart.gov

sgunawa [at] bart.gov

hprice [at] bart.gov

bikeped [at] oaklandnet.com

jzwetsl [at] bart.gov

robertraburn [at] covad.net

youwin2 [at] bart.gov

dwatry [at] bart.gov

wgonzal [at] bart.gov

khamill [at] bart.gov

mburke [at] bart.gov

rlee [at] bart.gov

pfadell [at] bart.gov

jgarret [at] bart.gov

lmoland [at] bart.gov


lmaproject [at] bart.gov

cbauer [at] bart.gov

carcomments [at] bart.gov

online [at] bart.gov

webadmin [at] bart.gov

jgee [at] bart.gov

News [at] bart.gov

bobfranklinbart [at] aol.com


tchan1 [at] bart.gov

david.marean [at] ca.ngb.army.mil

srtpcip [at] bart.gov

pkwon [at] bart.gov

flucare [at] bart.gov

ia [at] bart.gov

lhaight [at] bart.gov

paving [at] ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

patricia_rayburn [at] equityoffice.com

rebeka [at] theintersection.org

docentcenter [at] museumca.org

info [at] barttolivermore.org

forum [at] bart.gov

ssulliv [at] bart.gov

BartResearch [at] bart.gov

bartinfo [at] meyersnave.com

chaparralhouse [at] gmail.com

lwellsg [at] bart.gov

lisa.tosso [at] kiewit.com

bgriffi [at] bart.gov

lisa.toso [at] kiewit.com

ryan.king [at] kiewit.com


jlayton [at] bart.gov

bartwarmspringsextension [at] bart.gov



surveyinfo [at] bart.gov

jliou [at] ahschc.org

oaklandctchamber [at] aol.com


kkelly [at] bart.gov



bartreview [at] noblenatl.org

gschultz [at] ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

cbarham [at] bart.gov

email [at] bart.gov

xlam [at] bart.gov

Lake_merritt_plan [at] oaklandnet.com

custserv [at] clippercard.com


arts [at] bartoac.com

nick [at] hannagrp.com

oaklandairportconnector [at] bart.gov

site [at] sfsymphony.org

opdmedia [at] oaklandnet.com


alert [at] bart.gov

bartimages [at] gmail.com

kvuicich [at] ci.berkeley.ca.us

AMartin [at] bart.gov

eqcommittee [at] bart.gov

kduron [at] bart.gov

permit [at] bart.gov

us [at] twitter.com

up [at] bart.gov

bfairow [at] bart.gov

dhartwi [at] bart.gov

mcromer [at] bart.gov

dhartwig [at] bart.gov

kjustic [at] bart.gov

krainey [at] bart.gov

ksmith2 [at] bart.gov

jglennd [at] bart.gov

jconnee [at] bart.gov

nweissi [at] bart.gov

jwillis [at] bart.gov

tforte [at] bart.gov

afueng [at] bart.gov

ewong [at] bart.gov

aledford [at] bart.gov

jyoung [at] bart.gov

llaplan [at] bart.gov

kdam [at] bart.gov

jsandov [at] bart.gov

dchlebo [at] bart.gov

halkire [at] bart.gov

jmorgan [at] bart.gov

info [at] ebartproject.org

ang [at] bart.gov

hoverst [at] bart.gov

earthquakesafety [at] bart.gov







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by greetings!
Sunday Aug 14th, 2011 3:13 PM
from tottenham to toronto!
by Mike Holmes
Monday Aug 15th, 2011 8:30 PM
Why is "anonymous" targeting the email address used by the docent program at the Oakland Museum of California? Why is "docentcenter [at] museumca.org" on the list? There are also other non-BART addresses on the list.