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Tahir and Most Other Freedom Flotilla II Boats Regroup for Later Efforts to End the Seige
by Canadian Boat to Gaza
Saturday Jul 9th, 2011 12:16 PM
July 9, 2011

for immediate release
[Photo of the French Dignité-Karama, which was detained in Crete by Greek Coast Guard but is now free again]

The Tahrir Will Sail Again

We will keep coming by sea, by air, by land and in the media
until the blockade collapses and Palestine is free

As the Israeli blockade of Gaza and the whole of Palestine has been outsourced to Greek ports and European airports, our resolve to help free Palestine has never been stronger.

Israel may be buying, bribing and bullying its way to the decision-makers in governments and multinationals worldwide, but Palestine is securing its place in the hearts of all freedom-loving people of the world. These people are the majority and they will ultimately decide.

Two Freedom Flotilla boats, the Juliano (Greece/Sweden/Norway) and the Dignité-Karama (France) are still aiming to break the blockade of Gaza in Greece at this very moment and they have our full solidarity. Other boats, including the Tahrir, will regroup and start planning for the next phase of the Freedom Flotilla.

Despite three weeks of bureaucratic, political and military obstacles, a dedicated and diverse group of delegates from many countries have remained on board in every sense of the word and thousands of virtual delegates here in Canada and elsewhere have mobilized, organized and educated the world about Gaza. The movement for a free Palestine is larger, more visible, and more determined than ever as a result of this campaign, including the media coverage we have achieved.

We remain committed to non-violently supporting the Palestinians in the movement to end the blockade.

The Tahrir will sail again. Stay human.