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Tsunami poses great challenge to BIG CORRUPT developers on Treasure Island - project.
by Francisco Da Costa
Friday Mar 18th, 2011 11:02 AM
Big developers do not pay much attention to Mother Nature. Except when they are posed with challenges and facts, such as - the recent Tsunami faced by the Japanese. Treasure Island is in the direct line, to face any Tsunami that will visit San Francisco - soon. If a magnitude 8.9 Earthquake plus hits San Francisco and if it is accompanied by a Tsunami - the man made, constantly sinking Treasure Island will falter, sink, and most of what stands on Treasure Island - completely, destroyed. Big Developers would like us to believe that tall over 80 story buildings plus - could challenge Mother Nature and stand tall. Some of us beg to defer.
The present economic has thousands of homes in foreclosure in the Bay Area.

The recent Earthquake and Tsunami has created untold problems - the Earthquake totally devastated large areas around Fukushima - causing a loss of over $200 billion (and this is a conservative figure).

The melt-down of the Nuclear Power Facilities and the impending radiation spewing radiation in and around Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants - has astounded the world. Big developers and corrupt consultants have always used City Hall, the corrupt, mostly ignorant and arrogant SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) to convince these ignorant folks that big development is good for San Francisco. The SF BOS failed to comprehend liquefaction, the Big One, and of course poor planning.

For years, after reviewing and commenting on the various documents such as the Environmental Impact Reports and Studies - some of us in San Francisco, that know better have brought to the attention of the SF Planning Department, the Land Use Committee, the Citizen Advisory Boards to the project at Hunters Point Shipyard and Treasure Island that developing land with high rise buildings is very risky. More on land that in prone to liquefaction, flooding, and the Big One.

The Big Developers do not want to address a large magnitude Tsunami which is imminent and will strike Treasure Island soon.

What is really striking is the nonchalant manner is which Big Corrupt Developers pooh pooh - that the Big One will not strike the Big Area - and less their projects of Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard.

This is the time for the Big Corrupt Developers and Consultants such as Platinum Advisors to think hard and long. Evil ploys and machinations will be met with a force that Mother Nature will deal with and knowing how frail these weak human beings are - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr. and his minions - they all will be laying, facing down, and in utter shame.

The U.S. Navy has been forced to sign some documents linked to Early Transfer both at Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Both areas are contaminated and prone to serious liquefaction.

The U.S. Navy contaminated Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and has not gone any clean up worth mentioning. Millions have been wasted - with Tetra Tech and before that International Technologies - wasting and pocket the money. Millions of dollars.

This waste continues today. The only thing that makes these machinations worse - is that some Blacks, ignorant to the core - and now pretending they understand clean up and are pretending to work for the community - all because they are paid some BLOOD MONEY. The call themselves - facilitators. They are in fact sell outs and have harmed the community that do not appreciate their actions - especially those that have been to jail before on corruption, charges.

As I mentioned there are thousands of homes in the Bay Area and within a radius of fifty miles of San Francisco that are in fore closure.

The banks have the money, our money, the tax payers money which they took from us when they were bailed out by the U.S government using our tax payers money.

However, the banks are sitting on the money and will NOT aid those that need the loans and money - to bail them a little bit and have them standing on their feet, to save their homes and survive. This City cannot help the constituents but will jump on the bandwagon to help SF Redevelopment that is sinking, and other entities that are dubious in nature - such as the Fremont Hotel and the Saudi Family that rapes women, does not encourage democracy, and is hated by most, decent - world citizens.

The U.S. government is hurting and with the Dollar so low - the situation at hand is becoming more and more precarious.

The Big Developers aid by the Pacific Heights Mafia - the likes that lobby at City Hall - and are NOT reporting to the Ethics Commission - are playing with fire and their days are numbered.

As I said we the constituents of San Francisco are NOT being represented by the SF Board of Supervisors at all. Add to that the lame, interim Mayor who is controlled by vested interests - and we have another type of Tsunami waiting to take us on another devastating - ride.

The SF Redevelopment has seen its last days.

But, even as it is sinking - Amy Lee has deemed it fit to come before the Budget Finance Committee without meaningful dialog, less due process, and get the City and County of San Francisco involved in some expending $100 million deal - with some affordable housing - using the most devious ploys to make that deal happen.

All this in broad daylight with the SF Board of Supervisors going along with the deal - and the interim Mayor looking and doing nothing about it. City Hall is full of corruption, less representation, and few decent constituents the likes of James Chaffee and others - keep talking about sunshine, transparency and accountability - but, the thug Supervisors - just keep doing things as they please.

Two minutes of Public Comment is all they give you - because they are afraid of the TRUTH.

The City and County of San Francisco is over $80 million in the hole - but over $200 million plus when we deal with pensions, and other benefits that the City and County of San Francisco must shell out - just because the authorities that be, have given too much lee way to City Departments, leading the way - the corrupt SF Fire Department and the SF Police Department.

The Enterprise Departments have been using their monopoly to foster corruption and the SF Public Utilities Commission has sold the store to Big Prime Contractors ( mostly from outside) who come here and do as they please.

The recent local hiring laws look good on paper - but, we have not seen any retention of any type of workforce for periods that can bring stability to the communities that are suffering with NO opportunities given and less chances to retain jobs for a duration that brings about - progress and stability to homes.

In the interim Big Developers will not deal with City Build and its failing policies - City Build continues to waste millions and has wasted over $80 million in all the time it has tried to push its ploys and machinations. Leading that charge Rhonda Simmons the most inept, ignorant, and arrogant person to step in San Francisco.

Big Developers all go to Platinum Advisors and for a fee can get any contract on a platter - faster then you can blink an eye.

Funding raising during fake breakfasts - where cheap hog meat is dished out - at $500 a pop - help SF Board of Supervisors that are connected to "thugs" like Willie L. Brown Jr. and this has been going on for years - fill their campaign coffers. Carmen Chu uses this sordid pipeline and so do others. Carmen Chu, did not have an competition, the last time around - but, when it comes to money ET - wants it all.

The present bunch of unfit SF Board of Supervisor - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Most of them trying to survive and positioning themselves to receive some pension and make a lot of ill gotten wealth.

Public Comment is now a JOKE - at the SF BOS the Arabic speaker at SF BOS meetings - talks nonsense and has taken the process, linked to Public Comment and decency - to the cesspool. The idiot gets 4 minutes and speaks nonsense - others, who used to come to speak sense have given up - because there is NOT much you can speak in two minutes.

The many Committee Meetings headed by SF inept Supervisors, uneducated on issues, and depending on novice aides that do not know what they are doing, are over burdened, are drab - and this City and County of San Francisco is going to the hogs.

You have one or two SF BOS spewing diatribe - and at the end of all the spewing - nothing much is accomplished. Others just grin like a wild jack asses. Still others speak down to the homeless and those disenfranchised communities that need help.

No one cares about the SENIORS that make up over fifty percent of the City's - 816,000 population.

One recent hearing on Community Policing just kept wasting the constituents time. The SF Board of Supervisors must realize that we pay them and they are supposed to represent. Not the other way around.

This City and County of San Francisco has spent over $600,000 trying to make some headway with Community Policing and failed. Quality of Life issues are down. Over 80,000 decent families, that is father, mother, and children have LEFT - San Francisco.

I bring this up - because today in San Francisco we have a make up in the demographics of our population that favor dogs and cats, less children, and the representatives if you notice carefully - fall into this category. Over 120,000 dogs make their home in San Francisco. Go count the cats, the other domestic rats and figure out - what is truely happening to our great City.

Big Developers and consultants want to make money - and with the SF Board of Supervisor - acting like Buffoons - the SF BOS make perfect partners.

In this on going circus - you do not have to pay to see the CIRCUS unfold, each and every day when these fools are in session.

If a holiday falls on a Monday - the idiots take the next three or four day off. No one questions these fools about doing the peoples' work. No one takes them up and no one has the guts to vote them out of office. Wake up San Francisco.

In the interim, our City and County of San Francisco is prone to liquefaction, flooding, the Big One, the impending Tsunami. The Quality of Life standards has fallen and those of us that love of City and have fought to keep it good and above ground - are giving up the fight.

Evil, corrupt, uneducated, minions that call themselves REPRESENTATIVES - are taking our City - down the drain and into a very contaminated - CESSPOOL.

The coming Mayoral elections will not help.

The same jokers that have failed as Supervisors and now aiming at becoming the Mayor of this great City. The voters, beware - do not give your VOTE to the CLOWNS - we do not want this City to go down the drain.

In the interim the consultants, the Pacific Heights Mafia, other corrupt entities - have positioned themselves to create bodies, committees, policies, to steal from the constituents of San Francisco, ruin the good name of our City - and destroy what GOOD - decent San Franciscans have created for future generations.

This land belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. This land was stolen from them. I keep reminding the buffoons at City Hall about this fact - but, they simply do not get it.

People are fed up and with impending cuts the situation is not going to get better.

Our only HOPE is to get rid of the corrupt and they are many - and for good, decent, hard working leaders to join the fray and bring about progress.

There is no difference between the Big Developers and the Representatives - that promise you the world and then once in office - do as they please and rake in the millions.

There is a Tsunami that is approaching and will destroy Treasure Island - that is a given.

There is a bigger Tsunami will have to deal with daily - our inept, corrupt REPRESENTATIVES that are not worth the salt.

Some of us worked hard and brought down LENNAR. It is not too difficult to remove from office those that are cozy now - doing nothing and grinning like jack asses.

Others talking too much at the many committee meetings - with little action and more vain talk.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy