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Posecute Corporate Crime! Robert Evans Candidate For Attorney Gen Wants PG&E Prosecuted
by Robert Evans For Attorney General
Sunday Oct 24th, 2010 12:32 PM
Robert Evans, the Peace and Freedom party candidate for California Attorney General is calling for the criminal prosecution of PG&E executives for their criminal negligence in the explosion, deaths and destruction in the San Bruno explosion and fire.
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Robert Evans Demands PG&E Investagion
This statement on the gas main explosion in San Bruno was issued by Robert J. Evans, Peace and Freedom candidate for Attorney General, on September 20, 2010.
As the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for California Attorney General, I call for a full and open investigation of the recent tragedy in San Bruno. The explosion of the Pacific Gas and Electric natural gas line caused the deaths of seven people, terrible injuries to others, and millions of dollars in property damage. Based on reports made public, it appears that evidence of leaks was reported to PG&E considerably before the disaster, but ignored. We need to know as soon as possible what other PG&E disasters are waiting to happen.
There is mounting evidence that PG&E diverted tens of millions of dollars earmarked under the law for pipeline replacement and repair into other uses, which may have included the tens of millions spent on the attempt to pass Proposition 16. Proposition 16 would have made municipal takeovers of utilities almost impossible.
I call on the California Public Utilities Commission, the present California Attorney General, and the San Mateo County District Attorney, to pursue all avenues of redress, including criminal prosecution. I ask that no rate increases be passed on to customers of PG&E to pay for this disaster, and that rate increases already granted for the purpose of pipeline replacement and repairs which were not done be retroactively rescinded. Private corporations appear incapable of protecting the public, and therefore, should not run public utilities. In line with the platform of the Peace and Freedom Party, I urge that Pacific Gas and Electric be placed under public ownership, and run safely for public benefit.
Robert J. Evans of Alameda County is the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for Attorney General.
Robert J. Evans for Attorney General

Bob Evans
Bob Evans of Alameda County is running for Attorney General under the slogan of "Justice for California." He believes that we need an Attorney General who will protect workers' rights, send corporate criminals to jail, and prosecute police crime. He would bring to the Attorney General's office the same determination to defend our civil liberties that he has shown over the last 37 years as an active member of the Peace and Freedom Party. One clear way he differs from the Democratic and Republican nominees is that he has the courage to oppose the death penalty, despite polls purporting to show public support for it.
Bob Evans is the Attorney General nominee of the Peace and Freedom Party. He served in elective office for a four-year term as a member of Berkeley's elected Rent Stabilization Board, and helped tenants' rights advocates wrest control of the board from a well-financed group of agents for landlords.
As an attorney in California for 39 years, he has practiced general civil law and real estate law, and specializes in criminal defense and defending tenants' rights. In his "time off," he has been a committed activist in the Peace and Freedom Party at the local and state level for decades, and has served as a state officer of the party, most recently as Recording Secretary from 2000 to 2008. For relaxation, in addition to the traditional attorney's game of poker, he plays bridge.
To support the Robert J. Evans campaign to bring real justice to California, send contributions payable to "Justice for California" to 1736 Franklin Street, Tenth Floor, Oakland CA 94612, or contribute online here:

From the statewide Voter Information Guide
Justice for California means:
Protect workers’ rights.
Jail corporate criminals.
Defend civil liberties.
Prosecute police crime.
No death penalty.
§Robert Evans
by Robert Evans For Attorney General Sunday Oct 24th, 2010 12:32 PM

Robert Evans is the only candidate for Attorney General who is for criminal prosecution of PG&E executives for the criminal negligence in the deaths and destruction in the San Bruno incident.