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Roundup: "Don't F*ck With Our Activists" - Community Responds to Raids
by Twin Cities IMC
Saturday Sep 25th, 2010 8:34 PM

Roundup: "Don't F*ck With Our Activists" - Community Responds to Raids

Over 150 people attended a community meeting at Walker Church Friday night, most on less than six hours notice, to begin to respond to Friday morning's FBI raids and subpoenas to local antiwar and international solidarity organizers.  (See video of the meeting at right.)  At the church, activists confirmed that five homes and the Anti-War Committee's office were raided.

Organizers also announced two upcoming events: a protest outside the Minneapolis FBI office, 111 Washington Ave. S., at 4:30pm on Monday; and a solidarity committee meeting on Thursday at 7pm, location to be determined.  The subpoenas ask activists to appear before a grand jury in Chicago, where a solidarity vigil was held last night as a raid was still ongoing in that city, on or around October 19, reported a Chicago Indymedia post.

Those following international news on Friday noticed an eerie coincidence--or perhaps not. On Thursday, the Colombian military assassinated the #2 leader of the guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, or FARC. On Friday, President Obama met at the U.N. General Assembly to schmooze with incoming Colombian President Juan Manual Santos, leading to clear suspicion of U.S. involvement in the assassination. FARC is among the resistance groups termed "foreign terrorist organizations" by the U.S. and is listed in the warrant for Mick Kelly's residence.  Another bit of interesting timing: just earlier this week, the FBI's Inspector General criticized the FBI for lying to the Justice Department about raids and surveillence of peace groups after 9/11.

Videos: Friday Afternoon Press ConferenceMick Kelly Interview: Guns drawn, FBI raids peace activist's apartment"Don't F*ck With Our Activists" (The Uptake) More: Original TCIMC Story | Fight Back News: Activists Denounce Raids | Nigel Parry: FBI Raids of Pro-Palestine Activist Homes | CIMC: Activists Respond in Chicago | Twin Cities Daily Planet coverage | World Socialist Web Site coverage Corporate Coverage: New York Times | Chicago Tribune Keep watching TC Indymedia for coverage of this ongoing story--receive breaking movement news text message alerts via @tcimc on twitter

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by UpTakeVideo
Saturday Sep 25th, 2010 9:20 PM
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UpTakeVideo | September 24, 2010

Minneapolis, September 24, 2010. The many faceted local peace community rallied quickly to protest and to act against the FBI search and seizure of 6 homes of peace activists and a local peace office. Computers, cell phones, files and records, passports were among items swept up in the early morning raid. This action came a few days after the FBI's Inspector General criticized the FBI for lying to Justice Department about raids and surveillence of peace groups after 9/11. Washington Post (http://blog.washingtonpost.com/spy-talk/2010/09/fbi_cover-up_turns_laughable_s.html)The 5:30 rally turned out several hundred concerned citizens who heard the first-person stories of the searches. There was a concern that the FBI motivation covered support of Palestinians and Colombian activists. Targets were ordered to report to a Chicago Grand Jury in the future. There will be continued action against the FBI actions including protests to the FBI IG, and local members of Congress. There will be a rally Monday, 9/27 in front of the Minneapolis FBI office.