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Unity, RasCeylon, SinistaZ: OPERATION VERDICT
by mixtape
Wednesday Jul 7th, 2010 5:05 PM
Unity, RasCeylon, SinistaZ, prod, by, L'Nino, EastBayPolitix, NapalmClique
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operation-verdict.mp3 3.8MB

Unity (Napalm Clique), Sinista Z (East Bay Politix), and Ras Ceylon (Gidseon.Force) get together to give their opinion of the impending OPD implemented "Operation Verdict: Fuck Dat"!!! After all 3 artists performed at the 10 year Anniversary of Lets Get Free / Justice for Oscar Grant concert in SF on May22 and are active in the Oakland community particularly in working with youth. The producer of the song is 16yr old L'Nino from East Oakland. This is a non-compromising, real grassroots breakdown of the dynamics of what is happening in California as the Justice 4 Oscar Grant campaign faces opposition and co-option from various places. Its a Revolutionary PSA in the form of a Hiphop song.