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SubRosa Robbed; Refuses to Work With Police
by SubRosa Staff
Wednesday Jun 30th, 2010 10:31 PM
SubRosa chooses to work with the community rather than with police.
From the SubRosa website:
We had a break-in/burglary in the early hours of Sat, June 26. Someone broke a window, took some stuff from the backroom and the money we had in the register, which didn't really amount to much.

It is a bit of an inconvenience for us, but not anything more than that really. A small portion of the SubRosa collective, who were dealing with the aftermath and cleanup, decided that we do not want to pursue charges against the person who was arrested. We see this as another symptom of capitalism--some people have nothing and feel desperate enough to break in to spaces that also, it turns out this time, have nothing. Crimes against property are driven by poverty and desperation. We have no desire for police in our community and will not be working with them in this case, except to recover our property, which they have in their possession.

The person who broke in also broke the window of our friend and neighbor the Bike Church. Our neighbors at the Bike Church are awesome. As is the Hub for Sustainable Transportation, who we sublease our space from. All of these organizations could use your support.

And since choosing to work with the community instead of the police is a big frickin' deal apparently, the corporate news and and police spokesman Zach Friend have to go into overtime to say the sky is falling if you don't let cops into every aspect of your lives. If you choose not to have the punitive arm of the state further ruin some dude's life, you apparently are "actively hindering a criminal investigation."

Sentinel: Subrosa asks burglar not be prosecuted
Fox News: Santa Cruz PD Arrest Burglar, Cafe Won't Press Charges

This has to be the funniest moment in local TV news when Zach Friend is babbling on about community policing and the video is showing the plywood covering the broken window ion which is scrawled a cartoon cow saying SMASH THE STATE NOT OUR WINDOWS.