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SCPD, City Council, and Downtown Association Holding Secret Meeting this Wednesday
by Unite!
Tuesday May 4th, 2010 5:32 PM
Notice has been sent to downtown business owners that a secret, no press/no public meeting will be help at the SCPD station. Read the letter here.
The SCPD, the City Council, and the Downtown Association (of business owners) are holding a secret meeting in response to the May 1st actions in Downtown Santa Cruz. The meeting is not open to press or the public (see the bottom of their letter)

Here is the complete text of their e-mail sent to downtown business owners:

Dear Downtown Business Member,

Many questions have arisen about this weekend's unfortunate riots.

The Downtown Association has arranged for a special meeting at the Police Department community room this Wednesday at 8:30am.

The Police Chief, Mayor and City Council members will be on hand to answer questions and field concerns.

Many people are rightfully very upset about the damage caused and emotions are very charged. I encourage you to focus on those who caused the damage. I am hopeful that it will be a respectful conversation to understand as much as we can about what happened, what was done in response, what is being done now, and most importantly what can be done to prevent similar attacks in the future.

This meeting is for DTA members only. General public or press will not be permitted.

Thank you