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rascism in santa cruz
by guto
Saturday Jan 23rd, 2010 3:14 PM
people unite against racial violence!
On the night of thursday ,january 21, 2010, i witnessed something out of a horror movie. as me and friends enjoyed a night out,we witnessed a fully dresse nazi skin wrapped up in a confederate flag, walk into this place the "asti bar" on downtown S.C. and start doing nazi salutations to everybody, and it was obvious he had quite a good crowd enjoying his little demonstration. it took us a secondfully understand what was going on, until he went to one of the few black guys in the bar and started some shit, followed by getting his ass kicked out side of the bar, as we left , making sure this guy that kicked his ass,was all right and had been taking away by some of his friends ,power to this guy. fucking attitude. thats just a demonstration, that as the u.s. faces some financial disconfort , the first face of insatisfaction is gonna be some rascist white people showing their real face. watch out out there people of color, and anti-fascists , as it seems its gonna be time, for a fight!!!!!!!! destroy fascism!!!
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