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Solidarity Gathering for UC's Secret Hearing Against Zach Bowin, UC Undergraduate.
by @non
Thursday Dec 17th, 2009 4:52 PM
The UC Berkeley administration is having a SECRET TRIAL of Zach Bowin, a student arrested last Friday! They didn't even inform Zach, whose lawyer discovered the planned trial!
Zach was arrested, spent days at Santa Rita in isolation, and posted $13,000 in NON-REFUNDABLE bond before the district attorney determined that charges would not be filed for LACK OF EVIDENCE.

Now the administration is trying to add insult to injury by stacking disciplinary charges on top of it all!

We will not stand for secret hearings and show trials on our campus. Where's the evidence? If there's insufficient evidence to charge him with even a misdemeanor in a court of law, why is he being scapegoated by the administration?

Hands off innocent students and workers!

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by --
Friday Dec 18th, 2009 8:14 AM
Could anyone please clarify whether all eight of them posted this $13,000 bond, or perhaps only 4 of the 8? Collectively, the $100,000 cost would be insane. A year's worth of fundraisers for projects around the region would be lucky to reach that.

If an attorney could clarify whether false arrest of any w/o evidence of a crime, particularly the journalist wearing the press pass, and carrying various cameras and notepads might be grounds for a lawsuit or recovery, that would be helpful.
The whole bail thing sounds like a scam because it could be used against anyone to bankrupt them.