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A Debate On Israel's Invasion of Gaza: UNRWA's Christopher Gunness v. Israel Project's Meagan Buren
by via Democracy Now
Monday Jan 5th, 2009 8:03 AM
Monday, January 5, 2009 :On the tenth day of Israel's continued assault on the Gaza strip, and in spite of mounting international protests, Israeli ground troops pushed deeper into Gaza. The death toll has risen to 531 Palestinians and 5 Israelis. Nearly 2500 Palestinians have been wounded since the bombing began last week. 49 Israeli soldiers have been wounded since the ground invasion began Saturday.
Israeli ground troops have reportedly surrounded Gaza city and divided the Strip into two, cutting off internal supply lines. Amidst reports of house raids in some areas, air and naval raids have continued on other parts of the Gaza Strip. Among those killed were a family of 7 from the Shati refugee camp and at least 4 Palestinian paramedics.

Israeli officials claim that the military operation is not targeting civilians and that there is no humanitarian crisis.

Despite Israeli statements, fears of a humanitarian crisis are growing. The United Nations Food Program has reportedly suspended operations in northern Gaza where nearly 250,000 people are without electricity. Reports indicate that nearly 70 percent of the 1.5 million residents of Gaza are now without water. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the rising casualties and running on fuel-powered generators, even as fuel supplies threaten to run out.

Christopher Gunness, spokesperson for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (Unrwa), on the line from Gaza.

Meagan Buren, Senior Advisor to the Israel Project, a pro-Israeli group in Washington, DC and Jerusalem.