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Police continue repressive tactics in Denver
by wsws (reposted)
Thursday Aug 28th, 2008 7:00 AM
Thursday, August 28, 2008 :In the two days since Denver policeacting at the direction of U.S. Secret Serviceattacked and jailed nearly 100 peaceful protesters outside the Democratic National Convention, the virtual militarization of Denver has continued. In total, over 130 protesters have now been imprisoned.
As late as Tuesday afternoon, fifteen hours after the arrests, about 60 protesters were still being held at a makeshift detention center, sarcastically called Gitmo on the Platte by protesters, as well as in a downtown city jail. By Wednesday most of those detained had been released after posting a $500 bond. The protesters were processed in specially-created kangaroo courts dubbed DNC Courts.

The WSWS spoke with Brian Vincente, a lawyer for the Peoples Law Project, which is representing many of the protesters. Vincente said that lawyers were denied access to prisoners at the detention center. Then city officials attempted to process many of those arrested in the middle of the night.

Vincente said that the city has been preparing the special court system for over one year, but instead of creating something streamlined and smooth, they came up with this night court to slam people through. Vincente has represented people mistakenly arrested by police, including school teachers who were on their way to work.

Police arrests and provocations continue. On Wednesday afternoon, the coordinating center for the protest group Unconventional Denver was raided and equipment used to make banners was seized. Riot police pulled up in an armored personnel carrier, entered the building and arrested two.

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