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DQ-U RAIDED! 17 Arrested! Solidarity Needed Now with Indigenous University!
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Monday Mar 31st, 2008 1:48 PM
DQ-University has been raided by law enforcement officers this morning! Please show solidarity in whatever way possible!

On Sunday, many people stood their ground at Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl, also known as DQ-University, against a raid by police forces on the indigenous university. For decades, the school has been a forum and place for native people to learn about their cultures, educate each other, and experience a closeness to the earth. The school was formed in the 1970's, when indigenous people stormed an old army base and eventually forced the government to turn it over to Native hands. DQ-U was born in struggle and in struggle it stays today!

But, due to conflicts with the Board of Trustees who wants to see the students who have continued to occupy the school gone, police have continuously been called out to remove the students from their own land.

Today, at around 9:40 AM, sherrifs, CHP officers, and unmarked cars (supporters of DQ-U students counted about 15) arrived to remove the few remaining students and also change the locks on the buildings. Police managed to arrest 17 people, although many supporters are still at the site (at the time of the arrest). Solidarity is urgently needed to get the police and the Board of Trustees off the students backs!

People from the Indigenous Nations Network have asked people to call the sherrif and judge in protest of the raid at:

"Yolo County Sheriff
2500 E Gibson Rd
Woodland, CA 95776

(530) 668-5292

County Of Yolo - Sheriff's Department
2640 E Gibson Rd
Woodland, CA 95776

(916) 375-6492"

A PDF flyer has been created that you can download and hand out here at:


Students have also put forth a list of things that they need at:


Legal Assistance – We need a great attorney – or attorneys who will be willing to work pro bono

We need people who are qualified in educational administration who want to be a part of the accreditation process; others who are qualified in the financial administration to be a part of the process to work to eliminate D-Q University's outstanding debts.

We need qualified individuals to apply to be board members, people who truly want this university to reopen and succeed, who come in a good way with no hidden agendas.

Monetary Donations (for legal costs and past outstanding bills from D-Q U - We are in the process of setting up a PayPal account for all monies, as well as re-establishing D-Q's non-profit status)

Funding for the Indigenous Permaculture Program
Tools, compost, mulch, non-toxic pesticide solutions
Vegetable oil for the biodiesel program
Food for the volunteers and Students at D-Q
Radio Station and Webcast Gear/Equipment
Teepee supplies (posts, canvas, funding)

Solar panels/wind generators

Firewood for the sweat lodges

Technical Assistance from the Community!
Grantwriters/Proposal Writers to help us outreach for funds
Pro-active Qualified Board Members

Perhaps you can offer something that isn't even listed … be creative and just list what you can do !

With your help, we can re-establish D-Q University, California's Only Tribal University and extend the opportunity of higher education to all Indigenous youth.

Please send your contact information and what you would like to do to help D-Q University and its students to orannhawk [at] nativeweb.net"

Please visit DQ-U and spread the struggle! Go to the PDF to view a map:


More information check out: