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ActivistNation interviews Nancy Reiko Cato on the fight for women's reproduction rights
by Rubble
Monday Jan 7th, 2008 9:58 PM
This segment of Activist Nation was originally aired on KPFA's Flashpoints in late December. Nancy provides an overview of the radical wing of the reproductive rights movement. January 19th Coalition activists are preparing for a counterdemonstration when the 4th Annual "Walk For Life" busses thousands of right-wing zealots to San Francisco to rally and recruit to outlaw abortion. (10 min)
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The pro-abortion rally will happen at Justin Herman Plaza at 10:30AM Saturday, January 19, followed by a march confronting the Walk For Lifers. The Coalition intends to show "that the SF Bay Area/West Coast stands for reproductive rights and that Roe V. Wade must be defended and expanded". Numbers are crucial as this heavily organized and funded church-based group has brought over 10,000 people to the City the past several years.

Walk For Life will have its regular cast of speakers, including a shadowy charactor named Reverend Childress, an African American who likens the fight to outlaw abortion as the greatest civil rights issue of modern times, including constant references to Martin Luther King. The Walk's aim to outlaw abortion by pressuring the Democratic Party to reverse its pro-abortion legislative stances is a very legitimate threat.

Activists are needed! Planning meetings are held Wednesday January 9 and 16 at New Valencia Hall, 625 Larkin St., Suite 202, San Francisco. Call (415) 864-1278 for directions or more information.
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Looks like the African American Minister Caught Onulas jonesTuesday Jan 8th, 2008 12:46 PM