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A letter to the SF Bay Guardian on their Ron Paul coverage
by reader
Friday Jan 4th, 2008 12:57 PM
I heard nothing back after I submitted my letter to the Guardian so don't know if they'll publish it (not being critical, just a fact, generally they are a good paper), but I wanted to post something about this issue since the latest news is that CA will now be important for the presidential decision after the Iowa outcome. Paul supporters are mainly white homeowners in the Northwest. Anyone reading this who is not white should take notice that Paul is the candidate of choice by the White Supremacists. I'll post a larger article later with supporting links to all of my points in the letter.
Dear Editor,

I was disappointed but not surprised by your coverage of Ron Paul – no voice of opposition, only a momentary glimmer of 'ho hum' negatives.

Think, for a moment, of the potential catastrophe – as we head into Global Warming -- of the isolationist, nationalist, religious-right and anti-environmentalist underpinnings of Paul's ideology, the likelihood for worldwide nuclear destruction after Paul withdraws us from the UN (which Paul considers 'a threatening cult of elites'). This is the "Constitutionalist" who wants to put prayer and creationism into our schools, give tax credits for Christian schooling, and revoke citizenship rights for children born here.

The completed Paul puzzle is a frightful picture, with consequences potentially far outweighing any promised "Revolution" (of simply rejecting the Neocon horror show and US tax absurdities), but we would never know this from your gushing article. There's a reason why Paul is the candidate of choice for the white supremacists, the John Birch Society, and the UN haters, and it isn't because he's the 'peace candidate'.

It's vitally important to put together the pieces of this puzzle for readers, early and often. Our future may depend on it.