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Sat Jul 7 2007 (Updated 07/14/07) low-income housing and a new day laborer center
Community action for housing and day laborer center The SF Day Labor Program is working with the Mission Anti-Displacement Coalition and other community allies in organizing a "week of action" to acquire the Kelly-Moore site (Cesar Chavez and Mission) and turn it into low-income housing and a new day laborer center. A private developer wants to build luxury condos and a Walgreen's at the site. Activist groups want housing for the people and a large immigrant worker center.

On July 17th, the Board of Supervisors will hear an appeal for the site.

Building up to the hearing date (from July 9th through the 16th), there will be activities everyday in front of the property at 3400 Cesar Chavez St. ( imc_video.gifVideo & Photos 1 | 2 | imc_audio.gifAudio | imc_photo.gif More Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ) Special activities will take place at noon, or at 4 pm, depending on the day. In addition, groups will have a constant presence there all week to show that the property already belongs to the community,

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