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East Bay | Animal Liberation

Interviews from Behind The Mask Screening in Oakland
by Njeri Sims
Wednesday Dec 27th, 2006 1:42 AM
Interviews conducted with Ramy Hassan from Uncaged Films, David Hayden from No Compromise, Christine Morrissey from East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA), and Christine Garcia from The Animal Law Office at the Oakland screening of the film "Behind the Mask". The interviews are intermixed with footage from the film in this video.
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"Behind the Mask" explores the history of the animal liberation movement, from its inception to present day. The controversial documentary weaves together the lives of people who face jail, devastation, and even death for their ideals. Animal liberation activists have been called the #1 domestic terror threat by the FBI, even though they claim to have never harmed a living being. The film exposes never-before-seen footage that reveals the extent to which these individuals will go to save the lives of animals. Recent FBI documents revealed that the filmmakers have been under physical and electronic surveillance for years.

I wanted to thank everyone for letting me interview them! YOU ARE ALL MY HEROS!!! And of course Goldfinger yet again for the music. The lead singer John Feldmann is in the film so that's just one more reason why you should BUY IT!

All footage provided in this video was taken directly from the film Behind The Mask.

Ramy Hassan - Uncaged Films
David Hayden - No Compromise
Christine Morrissey - East Bay Animal Advocates – (EBAA)
Christine Garcia - The Animal Law Office
& Dutch (the doggie)

Behind the Mask
Happy Dog
Performed by Rocking Scoundrels
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great videothank youWednesday Dec 27th, 2006 7:42 PM