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Acehnese Refugees Speak Out
by Democracy Now
Tuesday Jan 4th, 2005 8:53 PM
We continue to look at the area hardest hit by the Tsunami – Aceh. Over 100,000 of the dead are in Indonesia alone. We'll speak with an Acehnese refugee whose mother was a woman's rights activist in Aceh, imprisoned by the Indonesian government. The prison was destroyed by the Tsunami. We also hear from Acehnese refugees who held a protest outside the UN. Acehnese and U.S. human rights groups protested yesterday outside of the Indonesian Mission to the United Nations, condemning the Indonesian military for its handling of the Tsunami. They accused the Indonesian armed forces of continuing their military operations in Aceh and of preventing the delivery of aid to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Activists charge that rather than helping the people, in a number of areas the troops are intimidating villagers, scaring them away from their villages, looting their homes, and stealing food. They called on the military to implement an immediate ceasefire. In a moment, we will be joined in our studio by two Acehnese refugees, but first we turn to some of the voices from yesterday's protest.
* Eddie Suheri, Acehnese journalist.

* Aidel Abdul, Acehnese political refugee

* Cut Zahara, Acehnese political refugee

* Munawar Zainal, an Acehnese student activist with the Acheh Center in Pennsylvania.

* Teuku Hendra, an Acehnese student and an activist with the Acheh Center.

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Indonesian army steps up war in Acehwsws (reposted)Wednesday Jan 5th, 2005 9:06 AM