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North Bay / Marin | Animal Liberation

Fur Free Friday Demo in Santa Rosa
by Stephen Wells
Saturday Dec 4th, 2004 10:15 AM
This bit of street theatre shows a woman being brutally clubbed and stripped of her skin leaving her naked and bloody on the street. It was taken at a demonstration in front of the Santa Rosa Mall in Santa Rosa, California. It's a short clip of about 12 seconds.
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mvi_2523.avi (3.7MB)

The video clip emulates the brutality of the ongoing seal "hunt" in Canada. To see a clip of an actual seal clubbing go to http://www.furisdead.com. Please don't wear fur, not even fur trim. This is a form of brutality and aggression it is all too easy to stop. Wearing any fur glamorizes the industry and perpetuates this brutal horror. Thank you and enjoy the clip!